Detailed explanation of KKMining App, How to make more money!

Detailed explanation of KKMining App, how to use KKMining to make more money! Introduce to you today

  1. I have a personal experience myself, I have been using the platform for a few days. A total of Rs 20,000 was invested and exchanged for 100K coins;
  2. After inviting 3 investment users, they invested 10K, 10K, and 5K respectively. After getting the invitation bonus, the coin balance was 125K, and the single-day income was 500rs.
  3. After inviting more people, the daily income is still increasing, and now the single-day income is 1260 rs. If you continue to invite, then the income will increase

KK Mining app

2) How does the KK Mining app work? (bold)

Let me briefly describe how KK Mining works.

KKmining is a company that develops mines. funds to the company. The company mines the ore, then sells the ore and returns the profits to customers. Convert rupees into gold coins, which is 5000 gold coins. Because it takes time to sell ore, we will exchange the daily profit of selling ore into rupees and return it to the user.

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Tell everyone about the benefits of being a Level 1 team leader.
I invite users to recharge by myself, and I will assure you that every user can make money, and everyone’s goal is to become me to make more money. Now that the users I invited have developed offline, I can get 10 %, everyone is making money. Let a lot of capable people earn more money. Reward as shown

How to get coins: (Rupee for conversion balance, Invite users to recharge, Team reward commission)

My advice to everyone is to expand the currency. Daily profit is only related to coins. The premise profit doesn’t matter. Here is a small suggestion (if the user has a small number of coins, you can exchange the daily income for coins, the income is more important!)

In order to reward users who work hard to promote our APP, we have reset the team reward rules. When a user meets two conditions, he will be automatically promoted to team leader:

1. Directly invite investment users to reach 10 (20, 50, 100, 200)

2. Community performance reaches 1 lakh (200,000, 500,000, 1 million, 2 million) rupees
After becoming the team leader, you can get 10% (20%, 30%, 40%, 50%) of the investment amount of all subordinate users as a reward.

The more coins you invite, the more coins you get and the faster you get.

Download now (Google store search KKMINNING)

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