Top 10 list of art galleries in Delhi, India – Painting Exhibition

The Indian Art scene is as vast and extravagant as it’s culture and history. It’s rich, varied and distinctive culture offers the spice of so many things in one making it beautiful in the most complex manner. ‘Let Artspeak’ is easily the best and shortest way to describe Art. It’s an ever-growing field and an absolute treat to the eyes whether you are an avid art follower or lover of it. So, it’s no surprise that the capital city of the country houses so many places giving an opportunity to see, speak and learn Art. These art galleries across the city are the best places to appreciate this beautiful blend of history and modern contemporary word in Delhi Art galleries. From work of budding artists and classics to something that dates back centuries and those from across the oceans, you’ll find each and everything here.

So, if you are an art enthusiast or just an appreciator of all things that are creative and out of the world, do not miss Below these top 10 list of art galleries in delhi.

Here is a list of art Galleries in Delhi, India

List of Delhi Art GalleriesPhone Numbers
1. Nature Morte011 4068 7117
2. Vadehra Art Gallery011 46103550
3. Delhi Art Gallery011 3955 5375
4. Delhi Art House011- 41631187
5. National Gallery Of Modern Art
6. Exhibit 320011 4613 0637
7. The Stainless Gallery011 4260 3167
8. Gallery Espace011 2692 2947
9. Shrine Empire011 4132 7630
10. GALLERYSKE011 6565 2724

1. Nature Morte

Nature Morte is a contemporary art gallery in Delhi which showcases a variety of art. From intriguing abstract paintings to moving socio-political documentaries and even meaningful photographs, this gallery has a lot to offer. Their exhibition is curated and has mind-blowing works of artists like Aditya Pande, Mrinalini Mukherjee and Sheba Chhachhi.

2. Vadehra Art Gallery

If you want to check out works of Indian artists, you should most definitely visit Vadehra. You’ll be awestruck when you look at the works of artists like Ravinder Reddy, SH Raza, Atul Dodiya and Zakir Hussain here. They have two galleries in total, one of which, is an art gallery and the other is a contemporary arts gallery (both of them are located in Def Col).

3. Delhi Art Gallery

For Indian modern artworks, Delhi Art Gallery is the place to be! Artists from all across India, and even Europe, contribute to the gallery’s collection. The artworks displayed here show a strong influence of the western art movements and tell a great tale of Indian modernism.

4. Delhi Art House

If you’re looking to buy some beautiful artwork online, do check out Delhi Art House. They are an online art gallery and have a variety of paintings to offer in Indian, European, Modern Art, Flora & Fauna, Portraits and more styles. Most of them are hand-painted on canvas and delivered with frame. They are relatively affordable too (for art).

However, we are not very comfortable with the fact that they’ve re-created famous artists’ works too.

5. National Gallery Of Modern Art

As NGMA is supported by Ministry of Culture, it’s undoubtedly one of the best art galleries in Delhi. Their collection comprises of the works of artists like M.R. Acharekar, Arpana Caur, Thomas Daniell and Rabindranath Tagore. Apart from showcasing and maintaining works of modern art, they also do special exhibitions globally and organise lectures and seminars to promote research in the field of art history, art appreciation, art criticism and more.

6. Exhibit 320

Exhibit 320 is a space for contemporary art from India and the sub-continent. The exhibits here are exceptionally good and carry a lot of aesthetic and visual dialogue. Contemporary artists like Sunoj D, Sumakshi Singh and Kumaresan Selvaraj have a actively showcased at Exhibit 320. This gallery also hosts seminars, lectures and talks that contextualise art within critical discourse.

7. The Stainless Gallery

The Stainless Gallery is loaded with works of visual artists throughout! Apart from the fact that they have regular exhibitions, they also lend the space to other artists to showcase their artworks. They have exclusive shows by renowned artists and designers exploring steel as a medium of art. They host interesting workshops (but not that often) which are managed by experienced artists.

8. Gallery Espace

Karl Antao, Paula Sengupta and Zarina Hashmi are few of the many artists that showcase at Espace. This contemporary arts gallery is also currently showcasing ‘AADI’ which focuses on segments of Indian tribal and folk art. So, if you want to know more about the not-so-popular genre of Indian art, be sure to visit this gallery.

9. Shrine Empire

The Shrine Empire is a heaven for someone who is into contemporary visual art. The gallery is stocked with beautiful artwork by artists like Anoli Perera, Raj Jariwala and Tayega Begum Lipi. You can also check out their collection on their website, they’re all amazing to look at.


GALLERYSKE is loaded with intriguing and moving contemporary art. Artists have created works like visual art, beautiful photographs, video clips (that you should definitely watch on their website) and interactive installations. This gallery is one of its kind as it showcases pieces of artists who aren’t very popular but create stunning artworks that need to be seen by the world.

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