NETLINKING: How to Successfuly Purcase Postioned Links

One of the most useful tools to gain visibility in the world of the Internet, Netlinking is the most effective, and the sports betting website 20Bet understood it perfectly. The operating procedures of this tool are quite simple: you have to buy positioned links to optimize your website as much as possible. But how can we ensure that the strategy used is effective when buying these links? Here are some tips for you to make your strategy for buying links positioned in Netlinking effective.



Being a market open to everyone, you need to have a good strategy so that your purchase is not in vain. The first thing to do for this to be effective is to have a well-planned action plan. To be able to optimize the results of your site, you must plan your purchasing strategy well. For this you must:

  • Have a clear objective for the purchasing strategy.
  • Be on the right shopping site.
  • Know how to negotiate links.
  • Be sure to check purchased links.
  • Each step is crucial when planning your buying strategy. Indeed, there are two ways to do Netlinking. Either, you turn to a site already positioned on search platforms. Or, you trust the purchasing platform for writing your articles. But in both cases, the strategy must be well refined to be effective and to gain visibility on the page.


This is a crucial step during a Netlinking. The quality of the positioned links must follow the standard of your website in order to help it thrive. To have good quality and reliable links, it is necessary to choose the supplier of this one. To help you choose the right provider for your positioned links and thus avoid a bad reputation for your site, here are some tips:

  • Find out about the reputation of the supplier in question.
  • Check the value for money of the links in packages.
  • Refer to professionals.
  • Ask for the opinions of other customers and users of the platform.
  • The reputation of the supplier is very important to be able to know the quality of its services. All checks on the provider can be done with the help of user reviews and reviews. Each opinion counts to help you choose well and thus avoid making purchases that are useless. This is a good way to optimize your strategy for buying positioned links.


Negotiation is a very useful weapon in the business world. This is why it is important to know how to do it so that your strategy of buying positioned links is effective. After having checked the site or the purchasing platform, you now need to negotiate the price of these.

Although negotiating a price is quite daunting, it is not a very difficult task. You just have to get used to it and follow these few tips.

  • Consider the quality of the links.
  • Do not forget the display time of this link on your site.
  • The higher the quality, the higher the price.

It is necessary to clarify that when negotiating the price of positioned links, one should not be aggressive or impatient and insistent. You have to follow the course and be very clear about your objectives and your budget.

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