Simple Methods To Use Instagram Reels For Your Marketing Strategy

Introduction To Instagram Reels

Reels is the newest feature on Instagram that helps users create 15-second short-term video content with effects, audios, and more creative options. You can also share your Instagram reels with your fans on your feed and make reels available to everyone via Explore feed on Instagram.

Like stories, reels are the straight response to TikTok’s popularity. In the 2020’s first half, TikTok acquired the most installs for any app in a quarter. The older generation helped TikTok to accelerate their growth as they merged with the Z-Gen audience that they were famous for since days.

Reels, like stories, have been created into Instagram’s core functionality. What brings the importance to marketers on Instagram reels?

It’s more important because the platform brings familiar experience and an existing user base. Along with lots of features on Instagram like IGTV and stories, the platform will update the algorithm to boost its use and establish Reels are a great success.

Simple Methods To Use Instagram Reels For Your Marketing Strategy

Instagram Reels

Instagram reels are familiar to TikTok. Instagram users with the reels feature can make 15-second video content and share it to their Explore feed, stories, and reels tab on their Instagram profile.

The updated Explore feed’s reels section is Instagram’s version of FYP(For You Page) on TikTok. Users can get these public reels depending on the location, your fans, trending contents, your engaged reels, etc. And, you can also get reels directly from the accounts you follow.

Instagram’s video posts appear twice, mainly on the Explore’s page like image, now occupies half the page motivating the users to make reels on the platform as a sign of expanding their audience.

Above the caption, some Explore feed’s reels have a “featured” label. According to the platform, it shows that the content is highlighted to bring more creative uses. You will get a notification if your content is highlighted.

Users can use the sounds from Instagram’s music library or use their unique audio & sounds in their Instagram reels, like TikTok.

If you get the audio or sound clip you need, click the music and “Use Audio” options. You do not have a music library feature if you maintain a business profile on Instagram because of music copyrights restriction. In that case, you can develop your music in the video.

Instagram reels provide various editing tools internally, such as video speed adjustment, countdown timer, and more effects like backgrounds and smilies.

You can record or upload existing video content from your gallery while creating a reel. On TikTok, Everyone trusts the algorithm that a video content edited with in-app tools performs higher than the video contents uploaded directly from the user’s galley source. And, also the same covers the algorithm on Instagram as well.

After completing your video content, you can use text tools, draw, and select Instagram stickers(similar to the stories). Here, you are not given access to use the swipe-up links and shoppable stickers, but it might be available on the platform’s future update.

How To Access Reels In Your Instagram Marketing

Brands can try out this new feature to engage and build their community through reels on Instagram and boosts their reach. Reels helps the brands and businesses make creative content without affecting their primary grid of Instagram, like IGTV and stories on Instagram.

It’s worth adding reels to your content strategy if you are already marketing your brand on Instagram. Here are some captivating contents to include:

Educational Content

It is highly engaging and valuable. If you are a brand in the clothing sector, you can bring out attractive wash and care reels videos. If you are a travel brand, create reels including your impressive offers, fares, etc.,

How-to or educational video content is a perfect way to involve your existing audience engaged. This knowledge gaining content not only boosts reels views on Instagram for better reach but also multiplies the number of times your reels are shared. It further creates strong brand loyalty in your audience’s minds.

Create your stories with question stickers to get the educational content that your people are interested in or get their tips. Make reels depend on the best advice and give a shout-out to the user for the significant contribution.

Behind The Screen(BTS)

Trustability is always an excellent source for social media, and BTS is a great way to gain more trustability.

Your fans always appreciate the special ones, so share the sneak peeks of your upcoming products, creative works, new work location, etc.; these 15-second video content build more excitement to your brand and deepens your fan’s relationship.

Highlight The Products

Reels are a superb opportunity for the brands that look to drive product sales and awareness. Make compelling content on the particular products. This video content could highlight the product benefits & features and grows more excitement around different items.

Since Instagram’s Explore page shows your reels, you can get your content to the people who don’t follow you currently. It isn’t easy to do with stories or feeds. So utilize the reels feature, descriptive captions, and relevant hashtags. It makes Instagram algorithms put your reels content to the right audience.

Reels Future On Instagram

E-commerce & analytics options and paid advertising are expectable in Instagram reels that are currently available on other Instagram features. Now, Instagram reels are in their starting stage, so start working with various methods to get what works best for your brand.

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