Spectacular wedding destinations in India

Couples are made in heaven, but unforgettable weddings are made in India.

The wedding destination in India turned out to be a very famous idea. Love birds from every corner of the globe want to tie the knot in India. Motives are an abundance of the splendor of nature and unmatched cultural heritage. Marriage is a holy ritual and in India, is celebrated with enthusiasm. Choose your favorite person, wrap your bag and be prepared to get married in a funny and unforgettable place. So, do you like mountains or beaches, palaces or fortresses, India have everything to make your bridal ceremony an unforgettable event? Let’s look at the best wedding destinations that make your dreams turn into reality. Readlinen and tablecloths

Here are 4 spectacular wedding destinations in India.

  1. Udaipur- The romantic Lake city
  2. Jaisalmer- Precious Golden City of India
  3. Agra- Living Love
  4. Banaras- Religious Towns and many more.

1. Udaipur

Known as “Kashmir of Rajasthan” This lake city is a perfect hot place for a huge and top Indian wedding in the wedding list of our destinations in India. Udaipur is the most chosen destination in India for royal weddings and the highly suggested by the best wedding planners in Udaipur.

Destination Wedding in Udaipur, India

One of the most romantic oasis in India City Royalty is better known for the castle, palace, lake, heritage hotel, the location of the exotic fortress, and mere luxury. Udaipur with a beautiful royal background, regal hospitality, and imperial meals attracted couples from all over the world to make their day special. This is really Udaipur! Plan your destination wedding in Udaipur, India now.

2. Jaisalmer

The marriage consisting of the dunes, ride camels, folk music and aura soaked in authentic culture Rajasthan is clearly the perfect recipe for making valued memory days. Jaisalmer not only has beautiful beauty in his name but services that create a cultural ceremony that arouses the Indian tradition.

Jaisalmer Accommodates an Unforgettable Wedding Ceremony

Unique and one type, Jaisalmer accommodates an unforgettable wedding ceremony. The ceremony was made magical with delicious food, entertainment in the form of Rajasthani Folk Music & Dance. Be prepared for legendary hospitality and marriage of authentic royal in India.

3. Agra

What way is better to tie the knot than with the immortal love symbol of love in the background! Celebrate your love for each other and turn your oath in the background of the love monument of the Taj Mahal and take back memories to survive a lifetime.

4. Banaras

Lying on the edge of the Holy Ganga, Banaras is Hindu soil and Shiva Swiva’s house. The couple often ties the knot here with thanks to God Shiva and Mother Ganga, which makes this city the preferred location for a wedding destination in India.

Off beat locations

  1. In addition to the main purpose, you can also go for some offbeat destinations that will not only make it unique but it will also be light in the pocket.
  2. Alibag is a destination to look for if you dream of a beach wedding and somehow can’t manage it in Goa.
  3. The wedding vineyard near Nasik can be one of the good things to do.
  4. The Sula Vineyards boasts a 1.5 hectare area that can be a beautiful setting for your special day.
  5. Assam Tea Gardens can be an amazing wedding idea to say ‘I do’. Make it a close meeting and enjoy tea cups along with your loved ones.
  6. Who doesn’t like being on a hill? However, this can be a little difficult for people who live in South or Central India. Make it a reality by booking a place in Lavasa, a perfect destination for people who live in Pune or Mumbai.

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