Tips for Total Head Shave and Care

A shaved head undoubtedly is the easiest to maintain and demands very less grooming and fussing over. If a shaved head is what you desire, go ahead. However, there are some routine tips to help you optimize the effect of the bald look. Once the scalp is shaved, weather elements directly influence it, no matter how rudimentary it may seem. In that case, it is definitely worth the while to understand how climatic changes play with your bald look. Here are tips for total head shave and care which you should know. In this article I have mention 6 points with brief tips for head shave and care. Let’s check it out what we have for you.

  1. A dry shaved head in summer and winter
  2. Hydration
  3. Exposure to the elements
  4. Effective cap and sunscreen
  5. Wet shave
  6. Frequency of shave

The two main seasons every year, as we all are aware, are winter and summer. Both of these dry seasons are famous for drying up the skin due to heat in summer, and dryness in winter, which again is due to lack of adequate moisture in the air. This lack of sufficient humidity dries the shaved scalp, leaving a slight skin pealing head, along with an uneasy and uncomfortable feeling. In high temperatures, the skin also becomes oily, making it look shiny and uncomely.
If this actually seems to be the problem, which it normally is, the good news is, the solution is never far behind. So, let us deal with it here and now.

A dry shaved head in summer and winter

Well, it is nature’s job to do what it has to do, but we, on the other hand, can also be fully prepared. To prevent the scalp from drying up after a good head shave, rub in a bit of moisturizer and gently massage the scalp. Poof! And your worries are gone.


Further, to get more help to fight against dry skin, ensure that you have a minimum of two glasses of water every day. This not only prevents your skin from drying up but also keeps you overall hydrated.

Exposure to the elements

As much as you can, in the peak of summer when the temperatures are soaring, try and avoid exposing yourself to direct sunlight. The heat is at its worst at 12 pm and 5 pm each day. The UVA/UVB rays, on prolonged exposure, can indeed cause a lot of harm to the skin in particular and the body itself, in general.

Effective cap and sunscreen

Sometimes it is indeed impossible to restrict one’s movements, maybe due to various unavoidable reasons. Well, in that case, do not forget to don a suitable cap to keep your bare scalp covered, and of course, do not ever underestimate the power of a good sunscreen lotion.

Wet shave

In summer, when the heat is at its peak, it is advisable to have a wet shave. For that, we can be used any appropriate cooling shaving cream before the shave. Also, it is necessary to use a water-resistant shaver like online butterfly kiss shaver in India for this purpose. In winter, after a hot water bath, it is advised that you use any moisturizer of one’s choice and gently rub it on your bare head. The moisturizer should preferably be sans any alcohol content, which is again harmful to the skin.

Frequency of shave

Depending on your skin type and your convenience, it determines how often you should shave with best electric shaver for women. Generally, it recommended shaving twice or thrice a week.
Now that we are more or less aware and ready to face any of nature’s hazards against our shaved head, let us indulge ourselves and shave the hair away.

Sujata Kumari

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