Benefits of Doing an MBBS in Soochow University

Over the years, study MBBS in China for Indian students has become more and more popular. The enrollment rate of Chinese universities is particularly rising. Many Indian students are also competing for admission notices from Chinese medical schools. As a result, China has become the home of some of the most famous MBBS universities in Asia and the world. These medical schools are operated by the Ministry of the People’s Republic of China, managed by the government, and declared by the World Health Organization (WHO). Due to the higher quality of education, classroom learning, and advanced laboratories, China’s MBBS is considered a kind of progressive education. Educational methods and other norms related to research are very exceptional. This significantly promotes the medical profession of students.

History of Suzhou University

Soochow University (SCU) is located in Jiangsu Province, China. It is managed by the Ministry of Education and was selected as one of the few universities supported by the government’s “Project 211”. The university consists of 5 campuses covering 385 acres. Approximately 2,000 international students come to study here every year. A strong background, world-class infrastructure, and experienced faculty cater to many international students, making this university stand out.

Affiliated Hospitals and Clinical Departments

The university’s long history of more than 90 years and its numerous connections with hospitals make Soochow University (SCU) the first choice for students interested in obtaining an international MBBS degree. Currently, the university has more than 14 affiliated hospitals, 4 clinical medicine departments, 61 teaching hospitals, and several practice centers in different departments.

Also, China has become one of the leading countries in the world. There are many reasons for its growth, such as enhancing the education system, the advancement of education methods, and rapid economic growth. China has become an education center with a friendly environment, low language barriers, practical learning, and first-class facilities suitable for international students. Medical school choice is related to the quality of education, degrees and standards, and budget-friendly.
Therefore, it is the University of Choice for many aspiring people. Soochow University (SCU) is one of the top universities to study MBBS. After obtaining a degree from this university, students can directly take the medical licensing examination organized by their respective countries’ board of directors. This university is the best choice for study MBBS in China for Indian students, because it has excellent learning opportunities and academic and practical experience.

International Relations

The university maintains a variety of international partnerships with universities worldwide, including Cornell University School of Law in the United States (US), Athabasca University in Canada, and Busellius School of Law in Germany.

Quality of Student Life

The university is located in a trendy place and is considered one of China’s top medical universities. Over time, the university has grown into the most acclaimed university in the country and has trained more than 300,000 talented scholars, including many outstanding figures in science, medicine, and other education. Practical training with the support of key laboratories, scientific research institutions, and innovation teams has accelerated universities’ evaluation worldwide. Also, considering a large number of international students, MBBS courses are taught in English (Learn English Online). The medical school has 865 members, including doctoral students and master supervisors. The college also invites experts and professors from different countries to provide better training for their students.

Courses offered

The university’s main courses include traditional Chinese medicine, biochemistry, anatomy, medical immunology, pathology, general surgery, clinical pharmacology, radiology, surgery, oncology, gynecology, and ophthalmology diagnostics and general surgery. The course plan is divided into three categories: science courses, medical ethics, and social sciences, and internships. In the science curriculum, Chinese culture and medical knowledge are provided to promote medical practice. In medical ethics and social sciences, knowledge of behavioral sciences, humanities, clinical and preventive medicine is provided to pass examinations related to the course. In the last semester, the internship was arranged for internship in medical practice. The internship period is 1 year. The overall fee structure of the MBBS program at Soochow University (SCU) is as follows.

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