Sports Stars That Enjoy Playing At The Casinos

There is a long tradition of gambling and celebrities. Psychologists believe professional stars seek thrills beyond their field of work either it’s poker, slots or aviator betting game. Some claim professional athletes gamble heavily at casinos to relax after their matches. Whatever the reason, these stars are known for their love of gambling.

Sports Stars That Enjoy Playing At The Casinos

Tony Stark loves to gamble

Iron Man comic book character is the wealthiest superhero of Marvel Universe. He is a highly successful weapon maker who supplies these weapons to the Army. Tony Stark is also known as Natasha Stark in one timeline.

Neymar, a sports superstar

Neymar, one of the biggest sports celebrities in the world is a gambler who enjoys playing poker and high-stakes casino games. His love of gambling has come out loudly on social media. He even took part in the European Poker Tour. Neymar is a PokerStars ambassador because of his poker abilities.

Michael Jordan is an avid gambler

Michael Jordan loves to win money and is known as a gambler. He has a long history of gambling, going back to high school. He beat his prom date by winning a bet on gambling.

Brad Pitt is an extremely high-roller when it comes to casinos

Actor Brad Pitt is a fan of table games, especially blackjack. His role as Rusty Ryan in the Ocean’s series led him to play a variety of casino games. Pitt had visited several casinos before filming to get used to the environment and practice his skills. Pitt continues to gamble at the casinos when he can.

Peyton Manning, a casino high-roller is

Peyton Manning gambles a lot. Peyton Manning regularly goes to casinos, and is often caught in action placing large bets. While most gamblers would probably steer clear of Manning, he has managed to make the most of his trips.

Tiger Woods gambles

Tiger Woods gambled at a Las Vegas casino every day while he was on the PGA Tour. He was reportedly allowed to wager $1,000,000 and often came across women in Las Vegas. Also, he was known for playing $25,000 blackjack on a daily basis.

Charles Barkley is an avid gambler

Charles Barkley is a well-known sports analyst for TNT and has a problem with gambling. According to reports, he has lost many millions of dollars within a single day. Fortunately, Barkley is close to settling down. Recently, he revealed his desire to travel the globe and play golf.

Matt Damon is a high-roller in casinos

Matt Damon is no stranger to the high-stakes poker tables. Actor Matt Damon plays the role of a professional poker player in “Rounders”, a 2005 film. The film features cameos from real-life poker players and realistic poker scenes. It also examines how high-stakes players think. The film shows, for example, how powerful bluffing is.

J R Smith plays poker

The right place to look if you want to be a Las Vegas high-roller is here. Michael Jordan is a high roller who plays for a high limit and bets on himself and other athletes. Michael Jordan also enjoys playing the dice. J R Smith visits the casinos more often than Michael Jordan. He visits them and plays the poker table. However, he admits that he suffers from significant losses when gambling.

Boris Becker is into poker

Boris Becker is a tennis legend, and has won several major tournaments. His poker skills are also well-known. The German played at the top of the ATP singles rankings and is considered one of the best players of all time. In 2007 he signed with Pokerstars as an ambassador and often plays poker tournaments in Europe. He is a patient poker player, and has earned more than $72K through live tournaments.

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