Tarot Card Reading Facts That You Must Know

Tarot cards and readings have been around for ages, yet there are still numerous misconceptions about such readings. There’s always something to understand and learn about this industry, but it obviously pays off starting with the basics.

Rather than take myths for granted, here are a few tarot card reading facts that everyone should be aware of. Keep in mind that while perceptions about tarot do change continuously, some facts will always be the same. Here’s what you have to know.

Tarot Card Reading Facts That You Must Know

Tarot cards have nothing to do with gypsies

Most people associate tarot cards with gypsies or, better said, the Romani population, which is widely spread around the world. In fact, if you end up in one of those highly touristic towns for a holiday and you find a tarot reading on Tarotoo.com booth, chances are the reader will dress and look like a gypsy.

This is only a false perception. Tarot hasn’t been invented by gypsies, Celts, or Egyptians, as some may believe. These are only some myths. It makes sense to think it is a fake since back in the day, such civilizations used to write on clay tablets and other heavy stuff. Imagine shuffling 78 such cards.

The earliest notes regarding tarot cards are from the 15th century, from Italy and France.

Fortune telling is a modern interpretation of tarot

Fortune telling became a real thing in the 18th century, but tarot cards were used way earlier than that. After all, playing cards used to be quite common in seeing the future. Indeed, there was some type of fortune telling in the Middle Ages as well, but nothing related to tarot cards.

Tarot reading was fully documented for the first time in 1781, hundreds of years after its initial uses. That’s when the first official interpretation was released. That’s when tarot cards became a tool in divination officially.

Overtime, tarot has been associated with other concepts, such as kabbalah or hermeticism. But then, despite the myths, these things were never really designed into tarot.

Tarot was originally a card game

Tarot cards weren’t invented with the idea of seeing the future or grabbing messages from the universe, at least not in the beginning. Back in the day, Italians loved tarot cards for the games associated with them. In fact, card games were also used as an opportunity for education.

Later on, tarot cards evolved into a game known as tarocchi. The game evolved into today’s bridge.

The original name of tarot cards came from Italy. Despite what some people believe, it’s not an inaccurate anagram of rota, which refers to a wheel in Italian. Indeed, there are more interpretations related to the origins of the name, but one thing is for sure. Italians loved tarot cards for entertainment games.

You don’t need to be a psychic to read tarot

Psychics are normal people, like everyone else. Tarot reading is a skill, an art. Sure, a psychic reader has some extra abilities, but you don’t need to be a witch to learn how to do it. There are countless guides when it comes to tarot cards out there, different spreads, different interpretations, and so on.

Of course, some interpretations are more common than others.

Different psychic readers use different tools in their readings. Tarot cards can be described as a tool used in the industry. Some psychics have even more gifts and rely on tarot cards as the first jumping off point. In other words, they don’t necessarily care about the classic interpretations, but they look further.

Such skills can be trained. It’s not something you’ll master overnight. It takes years of practice, as well as experience and reading. In the long run, as you become more advanced, you might be able to perform your own readings.

Tarot cards can be used for other things too

Tarot cards are mainly used to get a glimpse into the present. They won’t really tell you the fortune, but they’re mainly about the present. Once you understand what you go through in the present, you’ll be able to make better decisions for the future.

But a tarot deck goes further than that and can be used for various other purposes.

Writing a book? Stuck? Sit down, turn a card, and build a moment around it. It’s just a matter of inspiration and creativity.

Meditation? Using divination tools is extremely common in meditation. Some people rely on crystals, others focus on burning sticks or perhaps tarot cards. Sit with a card and visualize yourself in it. Meditate on its properties, and things will get better.

Journaling is another common activity, and tarot cards are extremely helpful. Draw a card when you wake up and interpret it at the end of the day based on what happened. In the future, you’ll be able to interpret your cards in a more effective manner.

These are only a few examples; the list is longer than that.

Tarot is not satanic or dangerous

Tarot cards and divination tools, in general, are often associated with devils, mystical creatures, and so on. If you think about it, tarot cards originated in the times of Roman Catholic Italy. And the same rule applies to what many of the cards represent, mainly Christian symbols and characters.

With these thoughts in mind, tarot cards aren’t satanic or dangerous. But then, they could become a problem if you rely on an inexperienced reader for your psychic sessions. Getting the wrong details could push people in the wrong direction and that’s when things could get messy.

Bottom line, whether you want to learn to read tarot cards yourself or you rely on a psychic reader, it’s important to get someone with a good reputation.

As a short conclusion, tarot cards are often associated with mysticism despite not being a magical tool.

Cards can be interpreted in more ways, and they’re often used as divination tools among psychic readers. There are countless myths about cards and psychics, but most of them have nothing to do with reality though.​

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