The Most Innovative Pet Tech Devices You Didn’t Know You Needed

High-tech pet products can make a difference in a dog’s life, but they should not be used in place of your physical presence. Before getting a cat or dog, every pet parent knows to buy certain items, such as food and water bowls, a crate or carrier, toys, and so on. Then there are the items that only experienced pet parents know how to buy, usually after years of trial and error. I’ve compiled a list of clever products that solve common, pet-related problems to save you the time and money spent searching for items that will make both of your lives easier. Keep reading to see my top picks for the cats and dogs you didn’t know you needed but couldn’t live without.

The Most Innovative Pet Tech Devices You Didn't Know You Needed

9 Best Pet Tech Devices for Everyday use

1. Remote Pet Cameras:

Whether you are away from home and miss your furry best friend or just are on a Zoom call upstairs, the remote pet camera would permit you to keep a check on your dog from anywhere using your phone. Remote cameras are useful for more than just home security; they can also be used to keep an eye on pets, especially if they are elderly or in poor health. Many dog owners are unaware that their dog suffers from separation anxiety when they leave the house. A camera can identify potential issues that should be addressed through positive reinforcement training. Many low-cost pet cameras are nearly identical to plug-and-play home security cameras, complete with two-way audio, night vision, and app-based control.

2. Self-cleaning Litter Box:

Cleaning a cat’s litter box is another of those tedious tasks for which technology has a solution, though you will have to pay a premium for the privilege. This litter box is a total lifesaver for cat parents everywhere. Though it appears to be a standard kitty container, this clever solution has high sides that effectively trap stray litter and reduce cat spray. This PetSafe Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box is exactly what it sounds like, a chance to have one less argument in your day when you realise you don’t have to remind your spouse, roommate, or children to scoop the poop.

3. Automatic Feeder:

Sometimes the best technology for your pets is the most basic. As stated by one of the veterinarians, through my time as a veterinary assistant, some of the most helpful tech-oriented products I’ve heard pet owners talk about are those that help with repetitive tasks.  This includes automatic dog and cat feeders. This device is praised by customers for its accurate portion control and ease of scheduling feeding times as well as its resistance to pets determined to snack between feedings. This particular device also answers the query of cat owners, how much dry food should I feed my cat.

4. Water Fountains:

Dogs and cats require a constant supply of fresh water, but some pets are pickier than others about where and how they drink, consider a cat who insists on drinking from a kitchen or bathroom faucet. It can hold 2.5 litres of water, which is sufficient for an adult cat’s daily needs, and it includes activated charcoal filters to remove impurities.

5. Roller Pet Hair Remover:

If you adore your pet but despise the hair that accumulates, this brush takes lint rollers to the next level, effectively removing pet fur and lint from any fabric surface, including furniture, bedding, clothing, and car upholstery.

6. Rubber Ducky Dog Raincoat:

If your dog refuses to go outside when it’s raining, do yourself a favour and invest in this water-resistant coat right away. It will help you keep them dry and encourage them to do their business rather than hurry back inside. You’ll also appreciate the adorable rubber ducky print and the small leash hole for added convenience.

7. Automatic Pet Food Dispenser:

If you have trouble sticking to a regular feeding schedule or find yourself constantly asking family members, “Have you fed the dog yet?” This is where an automated pet feeder steps in. The Automatic Pets food dispenser feeds your pet up to four times per day. It has built-in portion sizes so you can easily control your pet’s diet. In this device, slightly more than a gallon of dry food is held by different compartments, and the lid locks the food safely to keep it safely and out of reach of curious paws in a magnificent manner. You can record up to 10 seconds of a voice command to play when food is dispensed as an added bonus.

8. Activity and Behaviour Monitor:

We used to come home from a long day out to find telltale signs of bad pet behaviour, such as shredded upholstery, chewed shoes, and mystery puddles. The Activity & Behavior Monitor is a futuristic tech gadget that records your four-legged friend’s every movement and behaviour and sends the data to your smartphone in real time. Furthermore, it is lightweight and tracks vital pet health information such as calories burned and the last time they were walked. It’s essentially a mobile nanny cam for your furry best friend, allowing you to reward good behaviour and punish bad.

9. Pet Fitness Robot:

This device is an artificial intelligence-powered toy robot that pets can interact with while dropping treats. Pet owners can create pre-defined game schedules, use manual mode for instant games and treatment sessions, and easily track their pet’s daily activities with this free app. You should also avoid making these 13 puppy training mistakes that you’ll come to regret later.

All in all, refer to the above list of pet tech devices in order to keep your pet tech savvy and highly accustomed to the changing world while helping them fulfil all of their needs.

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