Top 10 Tips to beat the ‘Post-Holiday Blues’

Here is The List of Top 10 tips to beat the ‘Post-Holiday Blues’

1. Settle back home quick:

If you travelled over the Christmas and holiday season, unpack as soon as you get back, set your watch back to the right time, and arrange a grocery delivery for when you return– the more comfortable and organised you feel once you’re back at home the easier the transition back will be.

2. Settle back to work slowly:

Avoid overwhelming yourself with too much work as soon as you get back. Instead ease yourself in making reasonable, do-able to do lists for the first few days till you are able to catch up with everything. It may even be a good idea to go back on a Thursday or Friday so that the weekend doesn’t feel too far away!

3. Go towards the light!:

One of the reasons that travel is the key to happiness is because we spend more time in natural daylight rather than confined indoors all day longso even though you may not be able to stroll down to the beach, at least try and go out for a short walk once a day. It can make a real difference to how you feel.

4. Make sure you have stuff to look forward to:

Having something scheduled in your diary that you’re looking forward to is a great way to get through the January Blues – it doesn’t have to be something big or fancy- a reservation at a favourite restaurant, a quick weekend getaway, plans to see a movie you’ve been waiting for, or a day off from work where you get to explore the city are all wonderful ways of giving yourself a sense of perspective when you’re feeling down.

5. Stay connected:

While hiding away and hibernating until spring may seem appealing, it’s actually really important that you make a point of meeting up with family and friends. This will remind you of the things you love here at home and will help you begin to enjoy your day-to-day life and routine again.

6. Make sure the basics are there:

Sleep well, eat well, get back into an exercise routine and generally make sure that you are taking care of you. These are the basics that are often overlooked, but they’re so important to our overall wellbeing.

7. Capture and recall the memories:

Keep the memories made over the Christmas season alive by telling the stories and going through your photos and maybe even framing a couple.

8. Do something new:

Make a New Year’s resoultion to try something new in 2017. Take up a new hobby, learn a new language or join a class that you have been meaning to for a while – things like this don’t take much investment financially or but still give you that great sensation of doing something for the first time!

9. Plan your next holiday:

One of the best ways to get over the Post Holiday Blues is to plan another trip- even one in the distant future. Planning a getaway gives you something to look forward to with almost eight out of 10 people (79%) saying that scrolling through pictures of destinations and beautiful accommodations – from apartments to villas, hotels and B&Bs – helps them to feel happy in the run up to their holiday[iii]. It’s never too start to start planning your next holiday. research also shows that over a third admit to researching holidays months in advance (35%) – with an eager five per cent planning over a year in advance[iv].

10. Normalise it:

Remember the Holiday season is a special time that’s supposed to be a break from our routine, a time to relax, spend time with our loved ones and pamper ourselves and frankly wouldn’t be as special if we didn’t have a routine to get back to! So don’t worry if it takes you a while to get back into the swing of things, instead focus on what you love about your life in the here and now.

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