Top 5 Free Courses In Google That You Can Use For Growing Your Skill

Top 5 Free Courses In Google That You Can Use For Growing Your Skill

Education can no longer be contained in a single room. Online education gives us that much flexibility to learn from our home. The utilization of paper is now becoming a more outdates process.

Suppose you are not able to attend the regular classes. Then the online free Google courses are offered to help you out and brush up your technical skill set.

You want to change your career goal, but you are not able to do it. Just because of your job and other engagement? The online free skill-based courses are here to allow you to develop yourself while you are in a pandemic lockdown situation.

The pandemic situation almost paused the whole world. The schools and the university’s daily schedule is getting interrupted by the lockdown situation. But we all should remember that knowledge and education do not have any boundaries.

The social life of people is disrupted, but knowledge should not be contained. The progress of any skill can be possible during the time of the pandemic. Google offered you the online courses according to you’re planning and schedule.

Here is the list of some popular courses which can help you to brush up your skill set.

1. Online Fundamental Digital Marketing Course

Google offered you the fundamental digital marketing course with a recognized certification. The full system is 40 hours long and consists of 26 modules.
After completion, the 26-course module students have to appear in the test for the certification. The test contains 40 questions. This free course is accredited by IAB.

The full system consists of not only documents it has unlimited access to the video tutorial.

The syllabus of the course will cover the following topics.

● Analytics and data insight
● Business strategy
● Content marketing
● Display advertising
● E-commerce

With the help of these topics, you can first create your online shop. You will be getting noticed in the local search engine. Not only in the local area, but the international global platform will also be there to sell your products.

You will learn how to sell your work on the website. The most crucial part is your analytical skill will be enhanced.

The analytical skill enhancement will help you to build up your website and online Trading.

The knowledge of data manipulation and data cycle will automatically incorporate you.

2. Fundamental Learning Of Google Cloud Infrastructure.

The facing of business challenges can be very frustrating for any startup business entrepreneur. To overcome this problem, one solution is their cloud computing fundamental learning.

The knowledge of the cloud can help you to do proper data management and networking. The full certification course is divided into four segments. This one-week short certification course will help you to manage your storage units.

The course is giving you full knowledge of computing and storage management. The inside knowledge of google SQL quarry and big quarry help you to manage policy.

● Storage Management
● Computing
● Big data management
● Machine learning.

This full course will help you to build up the knowledge of the containers. The cloud structure is a tool that will simply be embedded in your system. Customers can utilize more data.

3. Understand The Basics Of Codes.

Coding is the future of any business and any process. The vending machine to any type of automatic engine is based on the coding. But everyone wants to know how the coding works. Especially how the machine works and how they achieve the desired goals.

Here the certification of Google about the fundamentals of coding to help you to enhance your skill set. This is also a concise time course of 1 hour and consists of only one module.
After completion of the module, if you are interested. Then there are many paid services about advanced programming and coding which you can avail.

This course is divided into four segments.

● Introduction
● How programming works
● Day to day usage of programming
● Developing small scale industries workshop

4. Data Engineering

Professional data engineering is helping you in data-driven decision making by collecting and transforming the data. Data engineering allows you to build up a secure data processing unit by designing.
This fundamental knowledge is essential for any type of website data security and operational capability.

This course is divided into four segments:

● Designing the data processing system
● Operationalization of machine learning models
● Data processing system.
● Ensure the solution quality.

5. Google Analytics Certification

You want to build up an excellent online store. The lack of online marketing strategy knowledge does not let you do that. Then what will you do? The lack of knowledge can not be the barrier between you and your dreams.

Google allows you to shine with your own. The Google analytics online certification course will give you the scope to upgrade your skill set. You can easily incorporate the knowledge of the analytical skill set in your courier business.

This course is dividing into two sections:

● Learning for beginners.
● For advanced learners.

This course is divided into more than one module so that you can study a single module at a time. The per-module alerted test time is 60 minutes. After completing each module, you can appear in the test. You have to complete 70 questions, and the pass marks are more than 80%.
It’s not a tough test if you complete the whole module thoroughly.

The Bottom Line

All five skill sets are free. The affiliated certification course is essential for any working professional. You can add your credential certifications to your linked in profile and can apply for a new job. Not only the certificate, but you also can use this knowledge in your business. You can easily manage the website advertisement, data management, e-commerce site management everything will be on a smoother path.

All courses are online, and you can schedule the class time according to your time budget.
The short professional course is an all-time favourite for the working professionals. Google online courses are all less time taking process. The video tutorials for each module are very descriptive.

If you need to enhance your skill at the time of the pandemic, then join the course,

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