What is mobile screen leakage? How to repair it?

Screen leakage is an uncommon situation, which mainly occurs when the LCD screen of the product is damaged and the liquid crystal body will gradually leak. The treatment method currently seems to be solved by replacing the screen. Although there are many ways to deal with this kind of problem on the market, for example, the refrigerated freezing is one of them. But after an expert introduction, we can know that this is not feasible. So what I want to analyze for everyone today is the introduction of screen leakage and specific maintenance methods, with these methods you can do iPhone screen repair Coventry by yourself.

1. What is screen leakage?

When the mobile LCD screen is strongly squeezed by an external force, the internal part of the LCD screen will be partially damaged, and the LCD body will slowly leak, which is not visible at the time. After a period of time, the appearance of the screen will show obvious lumps;

Generally speaking, most of the liquid leakage of the mobile LCD screen is caused by external forces. This situation will not be guaranteed;

When you usually use the mobile LCD screen, do not force the screen with your hands, do not dig out the screen stains with your hands, handle it gently, and use the special cleaner to clean the screen.

  Second, can refrigerator freeze repair screen leakage?

Black spots on the iPhone repair by freezing in the refrigerator, but strictly speaking, this is not a leak, and not all dark spots can be repaired. When the softness of the screen meets the strong hardness of the outside, the year-round waiting makes them collide fiercely like thunder and fire. Afterward, because there are no safety protection measures, the LCD glass in the touched area of the screen becomes pregnant, oh no, it is deformed.

The reason for this black spot is not the screen leaking at all, but because the strong external vibration causes the liquid crystal molecules to be disorderly arranged and cannot work properly. In a low-temperature freezing environment, the liquid crystal molecules can be rearranged and normal use functions can be restored. However, there will also be a negative impact in this regard, that is, mobile phones are using lithium batteries as power sources, and lithium batteries will be greatly affected in a low-temperature environment, and the battery capacity will be reduced, which will cause the mobile phone to use time. Shorten, so everyone must be careful when using

If screen leakage does occur, the screen has dead pixels or black spots. You can blow, pull, play and sing to the screen, pedicure spa, ice, and fire, even if you give your screen a complete set of health care, it cannot be repaired. Because the real leakage is because the seal is damaged, which leads to liquid leakage, and the other is that the surface of the screen is damaged by an external force, and the leakage is irreversible. In this case, let you freeze it. Thousands of times, it will still be the same.

Discoloration of the screen caused by other reasons, such as a certain chemical reaction after the backlight enters water due to sealing, or the color cast and discoloration of the screen due to the polarizer. In this case, can it be restored after freezing and low temperature? I dare not make a guarantee and say that I must not or can. In the case of a recovery editor, not only the face will be beaten and swollen, but the kidney will probably be removed. But from a scientific point of view, the situation that this kind of reason causes the screen to have a problem is not recoverable under low-temperature conditions. After all, it is just like you can never cure a person whose brain is flooded. After all, he needs to change his brain.

 Third, the liquid crystal display leakage problem?

  • There are several reasons that cause the LCD to leak:

Sealing damage: Mainly appear at the four edge positions of the screen. If the acid and alkaline liquids such as beverages, juices, sodas, teas, etc. are carefully soaked from the edge of the screen, the sealant will be damaged and the inside Liquid crystal leaks.

If there is a problem with the sealant of the screen during the production process, the same failure will occur.

The surface of the screen is damaged by an external force: Generally, it is concentrated in the middle of the screen, and obvious traces of glass cracks can be seen. At this time, when the leaking part is pressed by hand, the trajectory of the forced movement of the liquid crystal can be seen moving in the direction of the crack.

Regarding the problem of screen leakage, it refers to the situation where the screen is damaged and liquid crystal leakage occurs due to excessive pressure from the outside world, which mainly occurs on the LCD screen of mobile phones or other electronic products such as TVs. Once you encounter this problem Consumers must not easily believe in solutions such as refrigerator freezing, because this may result in half the effort. The correct approach is to consult professionals in the maintenance department, combined with the actual situation, to effectively solve the problem by replacing the screen and so on.

iPhone repairing (iphone reparatie oss) is not an easy task if you want to do by yourself then take some expert advice.

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