What To Post On Instagram: 7 Creative Ideas From Top Brands

The majority of small businesses want to establish a strong presence on Instagram. They create an account on Instagram and set a profile, but then they run into a problem: what to post on Instagram?

If you are facing the same issue, then do not worry; you are not alone.

Producing a steady sequence of content could be a battle on Instagram, mainly research suggests posting 1.5 times a day.

The best part is that there are several ways to post fresh content and keep followers engaged.

In this post, we shall look at what to post on Instagram and ideas to take up for your business.

What To Post On Instagram

#1. Showcase Product Images

Images and videos of products are one of the most remarkable ways to start over Instagram. Posting content that showcases your products in all their splendor will certainly get automatic Instagram likes, build brand awareness,obtain enormous engagement, yield sales and business promotion on Instagram.These contents could be solely on your products, or you can include a lifestyle picture or a flat shot. There is vast room to bring in the creative element here.

The product posts have to be implemented well for the sake of avoiding spam. Instead of having only the product name and hashtags, you could tailor the posts with rich and compelling captions.

Ideally, you could consider your post as an opportunity to pitch your product, review its features and benefits and emphasize its uniqueness.

Instead, you can think of your product as expressing a feeling like a mood, attachment, or sentiment that will make people associate with your brand when they see your brand.

#2. Convert Customers with Product Tags

Instagram’s unique features for posts and Instagram stories are the product tags and stickers that allow users to make direct purchases from Instagram itself. 

When users click product tags, they get to see more details about the product, like name, price, etc. If clicked once again, it will be directed to a page to make a purchase.

These tags make it easier and more favorable for users to purchase quickly right away from their phone, thereby increasing the chances of following it. When you have a sale or provide a discount, you might consider placing product tags on posts.

Lately, Instagram has launched product stickers for Instagram stories that allow users to check product details and get creatine to buy or not.

#3. Take Followers behind-the-scenes

Behind-the-business scenes content is very much famous among the followers. That establishes transparency, giving followers the impression that they know the “true you” behind the business. This content creates credibility, and it’s a pleasant change-up after a series of product photographs.

How about a good bonus?

The best part of posting behind-the-scenes content of your business is that it doesn’t require any effort to polish them as you do with other photos. As a result, few brands settle to confine their behind-the-scenes clips to their Instagram Stories. 

#4. Go Live

Another form of post that might help build customer engagement quickly is live video. It gives an authentic feel and notifies them while you are live, allowing them to communicate with you instantaneously. 

You can respond to queries, offer behind-scenes footage, or highlight new products. After the live, you could publish it to your stories, thereby affording you more content with loads of social facts.

You ought to do the following to obtain the best output with your live video:

  • Make it known in advance so that followers know to participate
  • Before you move on, make a plan and rehearse it.
  • Allow at least 30 seconds for your followers to connect with you by including a preamble before beginning.
  • Make an effort to be in place with sufficient lighting and zero background noise.

#5. Repost User-Generated Content

User-generated content is the most effective content you could incorporate, and your Instagram followers adore it. It indicates that you stay connected to your community, which might gain goodwill and perhaps more UGC.

You could share UGC easily on your page to market your brand in a simple yet effective manner. Motivate UGC by allowing followers to know what you are looking for and offering them a hashtag to use with their photos. Request for permission to post relevant content on your profile by digging for this hashtag.  

#6. Make your Staff the Centre of Attention

Instagram is an excellent platform for content that focuses on employees. It is yet another approach to show followers your brand’s human element and to let them build more trust and emotional bonds with you.

Do you require some motivation?

Consider a brand that shares behind-the-scenes photos of their core craftsmen discussing their  

Upcoming work. That makes them more relatable and highlights the handcrafted nature of their business, reminding prospective customers that their furniture is not mass-produced.

#7. Announce New Products or Business Accomplishments

Here’s a straightforward but effective idea: Use an attractive image to announce new products or business updates on Instagram. That offers you additional content to post on Instagram and drives people to follow you as everyone likes to feel that they are up to date on their favorite brands.

You could therefore highlight business/personal accomplishments like putting up your 1000th order or becoming a parent.

Wrap Up

It’s your turn to dazzle everyone with incredible pictures on Instagram. Hope these ideas will help you get started!!

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